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What are Municipal PP I&I Resources?

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Chapter 1 - Summary and Objectives of the Technical Resource Manual

Chapter 1 provides background on the District's PPI/I program and the objectives of the Technical Guidance Manual.

Chapter 2 - PPI/I Program 2.0

Chapter 2 describes version 2.0 of the District's PPI/I program, which becomes effective 1/1/2021.

Appendix 2A PPI/I Policy 2.0

Appendix 2B Municipal Program

Appendix 2C Residential Program

Appendix 2D Contractor Evaluation

Appendix 2E Product Evaluation

Appendix 2F Memorandum of Understanding

Appendix 2G Municipal PPII Policy

Appendix 2G.1 Bayside PPII Policy

Appendix 2G.2 Brookfield PPII Policy

Appendix 2G.3 Fox Point PPII Policy

Appendix 2G.4 Greenfield PPII Policy

Appendix 2G.5 Muskego PPII Policy

Chapter 3 - Specification Templates

Chapter 3 describes the template specifications available to support PPI/I work.

Appendix 3A Lateral Master Specifications

Appendix 3BFoundation Drain Disconnection Specification Sample

Chapter 4 - Standard Detail Drawings

Chapter 4 describes the template design details available to support PPI/I work.

Appendix 4A Standard Detail Drawings

Chapter 5 - Standard Operating Procedures

Chapter 5 describes standard operating procedures available to support PPI/I work.

Appendix 5A SOP - Ordinance Development

Appendix 5B SOP - Flow Monitoring

Appendix 5C SOP - House Inspections

Appendix 5D SOP - Lateral Inspections

Appendix 5E SOP - CCTV Data Management

Appendix 5F SOP - SmokeTesting

Appendix 5G SOP - Rain Garden Guidance

Appendix 5H SOP - Construction Field Inspection Management

Appendix 5I SOP - Acceptance Criteria for Lateral CIPP Defects

Appendix 5J SOP - Change Orders

Appendix 5K SOP - I/I Reduction Evaluations

Chapter 6 - Best Practices

Chapter 6 discusses best practices for different aspects of work under the PPI/I program.

Chapter 7 - Legal Guidance Documents

Chapter 7 describes legal guidance documents available related to PPI/I work.

Appendix 7A Wisconsin State Code for Clear Water Contributions:

Appendix 7B IRS 1099 Guidance Document

Appendix 7C Right of Entry Waiver Samples

Appendix 7D Procurement Guidelines

Appendix 7E Example Contracts

Chapter 8 - References

Chapter 8 provides references for the technical guidance manual.

Chapter 9 - MMSD Standard Forms

Chapter 9 provide a list of all the standard PPII forms that should be used when providing information to MMSD.

Appendix 9A Final Project Summary Report

District Policy Documents

PPI/I Classification of Work Table