Thank you for participating in the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District’s (MMSD’s) Private Property Inflow/Infiltration (PPI/I) Reduction Program by cooperating with your municipality to have your sewer lateral repaired.  MMSD is asking for your assistance in conducting a random check-up of work completed. The check-up involves televising the lateral from the street sewer while simulating rainfall by applying water over the lateral from the surface. There is no need for workers to enter your house, there is no digging, and there is no need for you to be home. The work takes about 15 to 30 minutes to complete. The work is weather sensitive so we would like to complete the work from mid-October through early November. 

The check-up will be done at no cost to you, however,  MMSD requires a 'Temporary Right of Entry' document as permission by the homeowner for MMSD to complete the check-up. The document authorizes the contractor to complete the work and confirms that the property owner will not be required to perform additional work to correct any deficiencies. A video and summary of the check-up will be sent to you after the work has been completed. 

While you are not required to participate, your cooperation is greatly appreciated. This check-up assists us in measuring the effectiveness of the repair work completed and is an opportunity for you to check the condition of your lateral and have documentation of the condition. If you have questions, please contact Nicolas Nadelhoffer with MMSD at 414-225-2130 or


To participate, please review the form below, check “I Agree” and complete the contact information by October 7, 2017. We do not share or distribute this information. The contact information is strictly used only if we need to contact you if complications arise.   You may also contact us directly to participate or if you have concerns or questions. 414.225.2130 or


THIS TEMPORARY RIGHT OF ENTRY, by [PROPERTY OWNER & WIFE], GRANTOR, hereby voluntarily grants the below described temporary property rights to the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District, GRANTEE, for the purpose of investigating inflow or infiltration of clear water from private property into the existing sanitary sewerage system and its appurtenances, hereinafter referred to as FACILITIES, in, upon, across, under, over, through and along certain lands owned by GRANTOR.

[ Property Address] or Tax Key number:

This Temporary Access Agreement (Agreement) is granted to provide mutual benefits for both parties. The terms of the Agreement are further described below:

  1. GRANTEE is hereby given the right to enter above described property with personnel and necessary testing equipment to investigate, test and gather all pertinent data regarding the inflow or infiltration of clearwater from the subject premises into the public sanitary sewerage system. Such entry will be preceded by a 24 hour written notice of the commencement of work on the property.  Data gathered shall be made available to the GRANTOR upon request.
  2. The grant of this temporary right-of-entry does not obligate GRANTOR to correct any inflow or infiltration deficiencies. This temporary right-of-entry, is not intended for inspection or enforcement of any other code.
  3. Testing and investigative survey work shall consist of, but not be limited to: clear water injection testing of existing private laterals and sewer mains and video and camera recordings to ascertain causes of and how to alleviate excess inflow and infiltration.  
  4. All work will be done in a professional manner and any damage caused by GRANTEE’s work will be restored “in kind” at GRANTEE’s sole expense. GRANTOR’s sewer and water service and appurtenant facilities will remain reasonably functional during the anticipated testing and investigative period.  
  5. The actual work and entry onto the property may be performed by agents or contractors of GRANTEE.  To achieve that end, the right granted herein to the GRANTEE may be assigned or re-assigned to such agents without further notice to the GRANTOR.

NOW, THEREFORE, it is further agreed that GRANTEE, in consideration of the right-of-entry granted to it, its contractors and assigns through all the land previously described, hereby covenants and agrees with the GRANTOR(s) that it will conduct said Investigative Survey in such a manner as to have minimal effect on the GRANTOR(s) property and that, in and during the Investigative Survey of said Facilities will indemnify and save GRANTOR(S), its successors and assigns,  harmless from all property damage or loss due to such testing and work. This easement and the preceding indemnity will expire within 30 days of the date of acceptance unless extended by mutual agreement.