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MMSD Rain Barrels



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Capture rainwater from your roof and use it later when it’s dry outside to give thirsty gardens, flowers and trees a drink.  Rain barrels help keep excess water out of the sewer system when it rains.  They also help prevent rain from becoming polluted stormwater runoff, the biggest remaining threat to clean rivers and lakes in the United States.

How to install a MMSD rain barrel

How to assemble a MMSD rain barrel


Rain Barrel Overview


Once the barrel fills with water, the diverter redirects water back down the downspout. The barrels are recycled and originally contained soda syrup. These barrels are made of thick, durable plastic and definitely BUILT TO LAST.  Your barrel should be located close to a downspout, near the anticipated area of use on a solid and level service (Check out the installation video above).

Barrel Stats 
  • 55 Gallons of Storage
  • 23" in Diameter (Approximately)
  • 36" Tall
Accessories you might want to consider purchasing (not included).
  • Standard garden hose for threaded spigot. 
  • Stand to elevate rain barrel: concrete blocks, tree stump or build your own stand.