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NEWS | Mar 28, 2023
The MMSD 2022 Annual Performance Report describes activities…
NEWS | Mar 21, 2023
Consisting of more than 35,000 square feet of permeable pavement, the…
NEWS | Mar 3, 2023
Heavy rain and snowmelt resulted in an MMSD sewer overflow from…
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98.5% Water Cleaned and Collected 

MMSD is committed to protecting our community and the environment for a healthier, cleaner, resilient region. MMSD has captured and cleaned 98.5% of all the water that's entered the regional sewer system since 1994. Learn how MMSD's water reclamation facilities clean our water.


Community Resources

We need your help caring for our rivers and Lake Michigan by managing water where it falls and reducing water pollution.

Home Hazmat Collection

Home HazMat Drop-Off

FREE drop-off for your household hazardous waste at one of our permanent or mobile collection locations. Help keep our land and water clean and safe!

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Protect Your Home

Help keep your basement dry and learn what you can do to manage rainwater where it falls on your property. 


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How You Can Get Involved

Learn a few ways you can help keep our water clean and flowing, protect our drinking water, and help reduce the risk of sewer water backing up into your basement or overflowing into our waterways.


Rock Ravine for Flooding

Local Projects

Learn about local flood management projects and how you can get involved in your community.



Visit the Milorganite website for lawn and gardening tips.



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Learn how to become a Fresh Coast Guardian and help protect Lake Michigan.