Valley Park Flood Management

Valley Park


Completed in 2001, the $12 million Valley Park Flood Management Project created a levee and floodwall to help protect about 130 homes that were ravaged by floods in 1997 and 1998. The project is part of a group of projects that work together to reduce the risk of flooding on the Menomonee River.

  • Seven-foot-high, 800-foot-long levee.
  • Five-foot-high, 750-foot-long floodwall.
  • The acquisition of 18 homes for the construction of the levee and floodwall. (Some of the homes acquired by the District were replaced within the neighborhood, but outside of the floodplain. District officials worked closely with neighborhood residents to develop a relocation plan. Neighborhood residents were involved in selecting an architect and working closely with the contractor on home designs, and met frequently with District staff.)
  • An increase in Milwaukee County Parks land along the Menomonee River from 1.5 acres to 3 acres.
  • A new 15-foot-wide access road atop the levee for maintenance and security.

Valley Park flood prevention

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