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Greenseams® Now Protecting 5,290 Acres

By storing and draining water into the ground naturally, Greenseams® helps prevent future flooding and water pollution while supporting and protecting MMSD's structural flood management projects - infrastructure investments worth hundreds of millions of dollars. Greenseams® is an innovative flood management program that permanently protects key lands containing water-absorbing soils.

The program makes voluntary purchases of undeveloped, privately owned properties in areas expected to have major growth in the next 20 years and open space along streams, shorelines, and wetlands.

Why are upper watershed wetlands so important?

"Since water flows downhill, what happens at the top of a watershed has a strong effect on conditions downstream. This means that wetlands in the upper portion of a watershed are particularly important for managing the timing, volume, and direction of surface and groundwater flow within the rest of the watershed." (Wisconsin Wetlands Association, 2017)

Totals to date for Greenseams®:

  • 149 properties permanently protected

  • Over $12 million in leveraged funds

  • Over 118,500 trees planted

  • 966 acres restored

  • 5,290 acres of land preserved

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    Guests tour a Greenseams® property in the City of Milwaukee

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    Water flows from a natural spring on Greenseams® Hoerig property

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    Greenseams® - Victory Creek in Franklin, WI

Over 118,500 trees planted

All land acquired will remain undeveloped. Wetlands maintenance and restoration at these sites will provide further water storage. Greenseams® also preserves wildlife habitat and creates recreational opportunities for people living in the region. Where applicable, the properties can be used for hiking, bird watching, and other passive recreation.

The Conservation Fund 

MMSD hired The Conservation Fund to run Greenseams®. It is a national non-profit conservation organization that forges partnerships to protect America's legacy of land and water resources and performs high-volume real estate transactions for local land trusts and government agencies throughout the country.

Greenseams®  News and Resources:

Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District innovates flood management with Greenseams program


Contact: Kristin Schultheis, Project Manager, (414) 225-2276 email:


Take a virtual tour of the Greenseams® properties by selecting one of the counties listed below.

Hunting is permitted on a limited number of Greenseams sites. Please go to the Greenseams hunting webpage to learn which sites are huntable and to request permission.  Please note that hunting apps., such as onX Hunt, do not accurately reflect sites open to hunting.