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"We have all the water on earth that we’re ever going to have. Protecting it in a sustainable, fiscally responsible manner is crucial and something we take seriously.

Sustainability is a pathway forward, a way to ensure we do our part to protect the region’s environmental health so future generations have the same opportunities that we do now."


                Karen Sands,

          MMSD Director of Planning Research and Sustainability




Managing water where it falls is something you can do to help protect our rivers and Lake Michigan. We have an aggressive goal to create enough green infrastructure to capture 740 million gallons of water every time it rains.

2035 Vision

Sustainability Plan

MMSD Urban Biodiversity Plan

Renewable Energy

Cleaning water is very energy intensive. That's one reason why MMSD's goal is to produce our own and be energy self-sufficient by the year 2035.

MMSD knows it’s important to continue to minimize energy use and switch to domestic, secure forms of energy. Doing so can save money, reduce price volatility, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and provide energy security. In the context of supply and demand, energy conservation (i.e.,demand) and renewable energy (i.e., supply) are things over which we have some control.

Energy Plan

MMSD's Landfill Gas Project

Solar Power @ Jones Island

Sewer Heat Recovery

Food is Fuel


In southeastern Wisconsin, two of the most intense rainfall events in the past three decades occurred in 2010 and 2008, causing millions of dollars in flood damage. Predicting the next big storm is impossible, but we do need to be prepared. Intense storms challenge our ability to build, operate, and maintain MMSD’s robust infrastructure, so we’re continually planning to make sure we're as ready as possible.

We know it’s important to do our part to reduce our greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. To do this, we first inventoried our GHG emissions in 2010, and are updating that work now. Our goal is to reduce our carbon footprint by 90% from baseline conditions by 2035.

MMSD Climate Change Vulnerability Report

Adaptation Strategies for Water Utilities - U.S. EPA

Confronting Climate Change - NACWA

Green House Gas Inventory - MMSD