While we work to further reduce sewer overflows, major storms and heavy rains can still overwhelm the sanitary sewer system.  

The Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District is taking an innovative approach to reducing water pollution from sewer overflows by issuing a Water Drop Alert™  when large storms and heavy rains threaten the area.


Click on this link and follow the directions to receive a text message when a Water Drop Alert™ is issued.  
Or, text: WATERDROP to 797979. 

By using less water, you're helping reduce the amount of sewage that might end up in the environment if there is an overflow.


It's simple, try to use less water until the storm passes.

  • Hold off on washing dishes
  • Do the laundry tomorrow if there's heavy rain today
  • Take a shorter shower 

When a Water Drop Alert™ is issued we will also share on our social media pages and on our weather page, acting as a reminder to use less water until the heavy rain passes.  

Water Drop Alert

Other Rain Resources

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MMSD Weather Center

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Keep Your Basement Dry

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