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Climate Resiliency Incentive Programs

The Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District’s (MMSD) Fresh Coast Resource Center assists the community by providing inspiration, funding opportunities, education, and tools to create successful green infrastructure strategies such as installing rain barrels, rain gardens, porous pavement, bioswales, green roofs, and natural landscaping. Several incentive programs are available to public and private landowners to empower them to take an active role in protecting our water resources.

Community-Based Green Infrastructure

Provides green infrastructure design, construction, and vegetation establishment services for property owners through the Fresh Coast Protection Partnership and Fresh Coast Green Communities programs. These programs also offer mentorship for emerging businesses and construction bidding opportunities. (Public & Private Programs)


Makes voluntary purchases of undeveloped, privately owned properties in areas expected to have major growth in the next 20 years and are open space along streams, shorelines, and wetlands. MMSD coordinates these purchases with municipalities. (Private Program)

Green Infrastructure Partnership Program

Incentive funding on a per-gallon captured reimbursement basis for green infrastructure strategies. Applications are competitively scored based on the applicant’s ability and commitment to implement, maintain, and promote the project. The Green Infrastructure Partnership Program is announced every January and closes early March. 

Green School Program

Redevelop schoolyards with green infrastructure in partnership with Milwaukee Public Schools and the nonprofit Reflo. (Public Program)

Green Solutions

Provides financial incentives to MMSD member municipalities to help achieve water quality compliance while progressing toward MMSD’s 2035 Vision related to integrated watershed management. (Public Program)

Reforestation & Wetland Restoration

Provides design support and implementation of tree planting and wetland restoration. This program supports large-scale natural flood management strategies that mimic the natural water cycle.  (Public & Private Programs)

Green Vendor List

MMSD has generated a Green Vendor List to further promote the use of GI. The Green Vendor list serves as a resource for those interested in GI projects, products, and services. MMSD makes no guarantee as to professional standing or quality of work. As with any contract work, check references, license and bond status, and professional certifications where applicable. 

Questions on Green Infrastructure Funding?

Please complete the form below if you are interested in learning more about the available green infrastructure funding opportunities. If you are interested in having someone come to talk with your group about Green Infrastructure, please fill out the outreach request form.