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Pipe Check Contractor Resources

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Welcome to the Pipe Check Contractor’s Resource Page!

This page is to provide resources and links to contractors working with the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District (District) on the Pipe Check program. This site provides information to secure funding, invoice completed work, summarize current financial availability for each municipality, and provide resource documents for the successful execution of the Pipe Check program.

Pipe Check is a unique program aimed at connecting Milwaukee area residents with District approved contractors to reduce the sources of clear water entering the sanitary sewer system from private property. Financial incentives are offered to address clear water entering the system from:

  • the sanitary sewer lateral
  • connected foundation drain
  • connected downspouts
  • improperly plumbed sump pump discharge

Are you a homeowner looking for information on the Pipe Check program? If so, please visit our homeowner Pipe Check page.

Interested in becoming an Approved Contractor? All contractors need to submit an application and be approved by the District prior to being accepted into the Pipe Check program. If you are interested in becoming a District approved contractor for the Pipe Check Program, please email or call 414-225-2250 for more details.

Please Note - The Invoice and Reservation links provided below will only allow access to MMSD Approved Contractors. If you are an Approved Pipe Check Contractor and are having troubles logging in, please contact the Pipe Check Team.

Funds Remaining for the Pipe Check Program