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What is Native Landscaping?

Native landscaping uses colorful native plants, ornamentals, or a combination of the two, to create a natural landscape that manages rainwater while beautifying your yard. Native plants have deep growing root systems that help break up the soil, allowing more water to drain into the ground. Landscaping with native plants helps promote a healthy natural landscape that creates a habitat for local birds, bees, and butterflies. By installing native plants and ornamentals, you can have a beautiful landscape while mowing less.  

Benefits of Native Plants

With reduced irrigation needs and higher survival rates of native plants during drought, you might find yourself buying fewer replacements each year and saving money on water bills. Many improved varieties and hybrids of native species are available that offer ease of care, color, variation, and extensive blooming. Also, you may use fewer chemicals to eliminate pests or promote growth in natural gardens, and that translates into cleaner water and cleaner air for you, your children, pets, and neighbors.

For questions on how to get started with your own native plants, contact the Fresh Coast Resource Center.

Root Length is a benefit of Native plants

Native Landscape Care

Questions about native plant selection and installation: 

How do I take care of my native landscape?

Where can I find Wisconsin native plants?

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Other Strategies to Protect Lake Michigan 

Rain Garden in a yard

Plant a Rain Garden

Rain gardens help reduce sewer overflows and water pollution by absorbing stormwater runoff from hard surfaces into the ground naturally. Learn how to plant a rain garden and help protect Lake Michigan.

Install a Milwaukee Rain Barrel

Install a Rain Barrel

Get FREE water by the barrel from your roof and use it when it’s dry outside to use in your landscape.  Rain barrels help keep excess water out of the sewer system and help reduce water pollution. 

MMSD Water Drop Alert

Text: WATERDROP to 414-296-4422 for Española texto GOTADEAGUA a 414-296-4422

Receive Water Drop Alert text messages when heavy rain threatens the area. When a Water Drop Alert has been issued, a reminder is sent to use less water.

What do you do when an alert is issued?

  • Hold off on washing dishes and laundry
  • Take a shorter shower 
  • Empty your rain barrel