Green Luminaries 2017

It takes vision and foresight to sustainably manage water where it falls. Green luminaries ultimately help protect our rivers and Lake Michigan by adapting practices that harvest rainfall for other uses or mimic nature by draining it into the ground to reduce water pollution. Green luminaries like the projects highlighted below are led by true champions who recognize not only the need to manage stormwater, but also the need to innovate and grow, to create lasting good works that connect people and prosperity to the environment.

Kaufmann House Luminary

July 2017 - Kaufmann House Luminary

Urban Ecology Luminary

June 2017 - Urban Ecology Luminary

Alice's Garden Luminary

May 2017 - Alice's Garden Luminary

Hartung Park Luminary

April 2017 - Hartung Park Luminary


March 2017 - Milwaukee Public Museum

February 2017 - Cream City Farms Luminary

February 2017 - Cream City Farms

January 2017 - Green Solutions Greenfield

January 2017 - Green Solutions Greenfield