Green Infrastructure


What is Green Infrastructure?

Green infrastructure captures, absorbs, or stores rain and melting snow, taking on numerous shapes and sizes from 55-gallon rain barrels to rain gardens, trees, and porous pavers for parking lots, driveways, and sidewalks. You can see green roofs on buildings or bioswales along city streets. Join us to manage water where it falls on your property and become a Fresh Coast Guardian.

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By Managing Water Where It Falls With Green Infrastructure, We Can:

  • Help protect rivers and lakes from water pollution.
  • Keep it from becoming someone else's headache downstream.
  • Reduce the risk of basement backups and sewer overflows.

One Inch of Rain on MMSD's Service Area = 7.1 Billion Gallons of Water

Join us in preventing polluted storm runoff from reaching our waterways by managing water better when it rains or snows by installing green infrastructure.

Green Infrastructure Strategies