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Municipal PP I&I Resource Page

What are Municipal PPII Resources?

Welcome to the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District’s (MMSD) Private Property Infiltration and Inflow (PPII) Reduction Program website!   

The intent of this website is to provide municipalities, consultants, and contractors with a comprehensive technical resource manual to help guide your decisions from start to finish so you can successfully and confidently implement your PPII project. 

The resources contained in this website will assist in all phases of PPII related work including policy, planning, investigative, construction, post‐construction, submittals, and reimbursement requests. 

As we inventory and implement lessons learned, this website will remain a dynamic platform to find the most current and up-to-date information regarding MMSD's PPII Reduction Program.

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Chapter 1 provides background on the District's PPI/I program and the objectives of the Technical Guidance Manual.

Chapter 3 describes the template specifications available to support PPI/I work.



Appendix 3A Lateral Master Specifications

Appendix 3B Foundation Drain Disconnection Specification Sample

Appendix 3C Lateral CCTV Sample Specification

Appendix 3D t4 CCTV Upload Specifications

Chapter 4 describes the template design details available to support PPI/I work.


Appendix 4A Standard Detail Drawings

PPII - Electrical Outlet For Sump Pump PDF | DGNS

PPII - Palmer Valve Abandonment PDF | DGNS

PPII - Storm Lateral PDF | DGNS

PPII - Sump Pump - Above Ground Discharge - Residential PDF | DGNS

Chapter 5 describes standard operating procedures available to support PPI/I work.

Design & Construction SOPs

Appendix 5A SOP - Ordinance Development

Appendix 5B SOP - Flow Monitoring

Appendix 5C SOP - Building Inspection

Appendix 5D SOP - Lateral Inspections

Appendix 5E SOP - CCTV Data Management

Appendix 5F SOP - SmokeTesting

Appendix 5G SOP - Rain Garden Guidance

Appendix 5H SOP - Construction Field Inspection Management

Appendix 5I SOP - Lateral CIPP Warranty Acceptance Criteria SOP

Appendix 5J SOP - Change Orders

Appendix 5K SOP - I/I Reduction Evaluations


Administrative SOPs

e-Builder PCO Process Tutorial

e-Builder Invoice Submittal Process Tutorial

Chapter 6 discusses best practices for different aspects of work under the PPI/I program.

Chapter 7 describes legal guidance documents available related to PPI/I work.


Appendix 7A Wisconsin State Code for Clear Water Contributions:

Appendix 7B IRS 1099 Guidance Document

Appendix 7C Right of Entry Waiver Samples

Appendix 7D Procurement Guidelines

Appendix 7E Example Contracts

Chapter 8 provides references for the technical guidance manual.

Program Documents

Project Summary Report Template

Work Plan Form

Competitive Funding Application

Statement of Intent - please ask your PPII Project Manager for the most current version

Engineer's Cost Estimate Template

Field Forms

Inspection – Pipe Fusion Form

PPII Resource Links

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