Strategic Plan

STRATEGIC PLANning and Performance

MMSD Strategic Plan: 2022 to 2024

Strategic planning helps the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District (MMSD) plan for the future and meet its mission.  Every three years, MMSD reviews and defines its mission, vision, and values and sets the strategic goals for the next three years.  MMSD staff then identify action items to achieve those goals and develop a framework for measuring progress.  The final Strategic Plan is intended to be flexible. While the mission, vision, values, and goals should remain constant, the objectives and action items will need periodic review and adjustment.  The Strategic Plan helps staff make decisions on allocating resources to achieve the identified goals, strategies, and objectives. 

Throughout 2021, MMSD leadership worked closely with staff to develop the 2022-2024 Strategic Plan. The Plan uses the framework of MMSD’s 2035 Vision to focus our efforts for the next three years.


MMSD envisions a healthier, cleaner, resilient region.


MMSD protects public health and the environment through world-class, cost-effective water resource management, leadership, and partnership.


Stewardship, Integrity, Quality, Collaboration, Diversity, Innovation.


Sustainable Bottom Line

Balancing environmental, social, financial, and operational impacts, benefits, and trade-offs in our decisions. 

Water Quality Leadership and Collaboration

Providing strong leadership and cooperation to protect the area's water resources. 

Integrated Watershed Management

Managing human activities and ecosystems at the watershed scale and integrating land and water use planning. 

Climate Change Adaptation/Mitigation with a Focus on Energy Efficiency

Preparing for and mitigating the impacts of climate change by evaluating options to improve the resilience of our operations, infrastructure, and finances. 

MMSD 2021 Annual Performance Report

The MMSD 2021 Annual Performance Report describes activities undertaken between January and December 2021 to meet our customer needs, regulatory obligations, and contribute towards achieving our 2035 Vision of a healthier Milwaukee region and a cleaner Lake Michigan.