MMSD Business Capacity Development Program

Business Development


The Business Capacity Development Program (BCDP) is designed to increase the capacity and capabilities of small, women, minority, and veteran-owned businesses (S/W/MBE firms) to better compete for and participate in MMSD projects. The program increases business owners’ knowledge and confidence in key areas for business success.

In collaboration with established businesses, organizations, and mentors, program participants are able to partake in customized training and mentoring, including:

  • Live online business development training seminars
  • Online training curriculum
  • One-on-one business mentoring

Participants prepare and plan for business improvement, increasing the likelihood of thriving in their industries, and thereby increasing their own success and creating opportunities for others to do the same.

Stay tuned for more information on upcoming program offerings.  Business development seminars are expected to start in Fall 2021.

Who Should Participate?

The BCDP is designed specifically for businesses that are certified or taking steps to become certified as an SBE, MBE, WBE, VBE, or DBE.  Individuals who should attend include:

  • Business owner
  • Operating officer or other key staff
  • Critical decision-makers from the firm

Representatives of local non-profit organizations or non-certified firms may also participate if their work relates to MMSD.

For inquiries regarding the program, please email