Municipal Information

This area is designed to provide the representatives of the 28 communities MMSD serves, and various governmental agencies with information on MMSD's annual budgets, 2050 facilities plan, rules and regulations, and the Green Solution Program.

For questions, please contact: Micki Klappa-Sullivan at (414) 225-2178 or MKlappaSullivan@mmsd.com


MMSD's 35th Annual Inspection Conference

To view the recording of the 2021 Inspection conference, click here.  To view the slides from the conference, click here

MMSD's Annual Budgets

MMSD operates from two budgets, one for capital projects -- primarily construction projects -- and another for the operation and maintenance expenses, mostly related to the day to day collection, conveyance, and treatment of wastewater. We do not handle direct customer billing. In effect, we're a wholesaler, whereby we send bills to the 28 communities we serve and the communities are the retailers handling direct customer billing.

MMSD's 2050 Facilities Plan

In the 2050 Facilities Plan, MMSD assesses the condition of its systems, establishes needs for improvement, evaluates options to address the needs of its systems, and identifies the projects and other actions that are required to continue to meet existing and anticipated permit requirements and project future conditions.

MMSD's Rules and Regulations 

For more information on the MMSD's rules and regulations on sanitary sewers, surface water, and stormwater management for the 28 municipalities we serve. 

MMSD's Green Solution Program

The Green Solutions program provides a financial incentive to the municipalities MMSD serves for implementation of green infrastructure and combined sewer separation to help achieve Total Maximum Daily Load compliance while also progressing towards MMSD's 2035 Vision’s goals related to integrated watershed management.·        

The Green Infrastructure Standard Specifications and Plan Templates help develop simplified planning and design tools to promote more widespread implementation of green infrastructure strategies throughout MMSD’s service area.