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Program Goals

The Pipe Check program provides residents within the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District (MMSD) service area a financial incentive to eliminate sources of clear water entering the sanitary sewer system. Excess clear water in the sanitary sewer system increases the risk for basement backups for yourself and for your neighbors during rain events.

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Participation Requirements

Participants must meet the following requirements to participate in the Pipe Check program:

  • Property is located within the MMSD service area
  • Home is an owner-occupied one or two-family home
  • An Approved Contractor is used to complete all required work (approved contractors listed at bottom of page)
  • A Clear Water evaluation is completed by an Approved Contractor
  • All work identified as being required to be completed during the Clear Water evaluation is completed
  • W‐9 must be filled out and submitted to MMSD. The value of the financial incentive is taxable. MMSD will provide 1099 at the end of the year
  • Participation waiver must be signed by the homeowner

What is Clear Water?

Clear water is not contaminated with sanitary waste and does not require treatment at the wastewater treatment plant. Typically, clear water comes from rain runoff and groundwater. Importantly, clear water that does not enter the sanitary sewer can often times naturally re‐enter the environment without adverse effects—either by soaking into the ground or flowing to a creek or river.

What is an Approved Contractor?

An Approved Contractor has been selected through a review process, completed by MMSD, to determine that their skills and experience qualify them to participate in the program and offer their selected services. An Approved Contractor needs to be used by the homeowner to receive the financial incentives. Approved contractors are listed at the bottom of the page.

Clearwater Evaluation

Completed by an Approved Contractor, a Clear Water evaluation identifies sources of rain or groundwater entering the sanitary sewer system from private property. The maximum financial incentive available to the homeowner is based on the findings of the Clear Water evaluation. 

The contractor identifies the discharge locations of existing foundation drains, sump pumps, and rain gutter downspouts. If any of these items discharge into the sanitary sewer, they will need to be disconnected and rerouted to a building code-approved location. 

Once the contractor identified sources of clear water are eliminated from the sanitary sewer, the homeowner qualifies for the listed financial incentives.

graphic of a house with bad lateral and property

Example of a Bad House

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graphic of a house with a good lateral and property

Example of a Good House

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How Does the Program Work?

  1. Homeowner contacts an Approved Contractor (listed at bottom of page)
  2. Approved Contractor completes a site visit and a Clear Water evaluation
  3. The contractor reviews the Clear Water evaluation with the homeowner and identifies the work required to be completed to receive the financial incentives
  4. If the homeowner agrees to the work, a contract is executed between the homeowner and the Approved Contractor
  5. The full scope of work is completed to the satisfaction of the homeowner and the requirements of the Pipe Check program
  6. The Pipe Check program pays the incentives directly to the Approved Contractor
  7. The Pipe Check Approved Contractor bills the homeowner, the remaining portion of the work, per the requirements of the contract
  8. The homeowner pays the Approved Contractor the remaining amount due

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Learn more about private property inflow and infiltration courtesy of CRD Victoria.

Financial Incentives

Foundation Drain Disconnection     $1,500
Install sump pump & discharge piping, disconnect foundation drain from sanitary sewer lateral, and remove existing palmer valve

Remove Palmer Valve, Only     $350
Identify the location of palmer valve, remove existing palmer value, cap foundation drain, and restore the site

Reroute Existing Sump Pump Discharge      $300
Disconnect existing sump pump discharge piping and reroute to a building code approved location

New Storm Lateral, Connected to Existing Storm Sewer      $1,000
A new storm lateral is installed from the house to an existing storm sewer

Disconnect Downspouts      $25 each
Disconnect existing gutter downspouts from the sanitary sewer and reroute to discharge in the yard or storm lateral (max of 4)

Full Lateral Replacement Without Work in Right‐of‐way      $4,000
A full lateral replacement is completed via open cut or pipe bursting but no work is required to be completed within the right‐of‐way

Full Lateral Replacement With Work in Right‐of‐way      $5,000
A full lateral replacement is completed via open cut or pipe bursting but work is required to be completed within the right‐of‐way

Lateral Lining      $1,500
A cured in place pipe (CIPP) is installed in the lateral from under the home to the connection at the sanitary sewer mainline

Approved Contractors