western milwaukee and hart park map and images of parks

Hart Park & Western Milwaukee Levee System

Project Overview

The Hart Park and Western Milwaukee levee systems work together to reduce flood risk. The Hart Park levee construction was completed in 2007. The Western Milwaukee levee was split into phases with Phase 1 completed in 2010 and Phase 2A completed in 2015. A small floodwall segment at the 59th and State Pump Station was completed in 2011. The Phase 2B segment is the last part of the system to be constructed with construction completion estimated in 2025.

Following the completion of the Hart Park and Western Milwaukee Levee System Phase 2B and Levee Accreditation Projects, MMSD will submit a levee system accreditation request to FEMA on behalf of the City of Milwaukee and the City of Wauwatosa.

The Hart Park and Western Milwaukee Levee System project is part of the larger Menomonee River Watercourse Management Plan which aims to reduce the risk of flooding for over three hundred homes and businesses. To see the existing floodplain map visit FEMA’s Flood Map Service Center.

Project Benefits

  • Reduces Flood Risk
  • Increases Public Safety
  • Improves Riparian (area adjacent to the river) & Aquatic Habitat
  • Reduces Flood Insurance Costs

Project Map

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Project Timelines of Related Projects

Multiple, coordinated projects work together to achieve the flood risk reduction benefits to the levee system. Consequently, the timeline by which residents will realize these benefits through an updated floodplain map depends upon construction of these multiple projects. View the timeline to see inter-relationships.

See below for more information about the individual projects that make up the Hart Park and Western Milwaukee Levee System Projects. 

The construction schedules for each project are detailed on their project pages.

Hart Park and Western Milwaukee Levee System

green grass levee in hart park

Hart Park

This project reduces flooding by expanding Hart Park from 20 acres to 50 acres to temporarily store floodwater. A series of flood levees also help to hold back high waters. Hart Park is designed to work along with several other projects on the Menomonee River to protect against flooding.

grassy road above an earthen levee

Western Milwaukee Phase 1

The first phase of the Western Milwaukee levee system was completed in 2010. This earthen levee is located downstream at the eastern end of the levee system, ending just west of Highway 175. The upstream end will tie into the Phase 2B floodwall when completed.

aerial of schoonmaker creek

Western Milwaukee Phase 2A - Schoonmaker Creek

This project day lighted Schoonmaker Creek from an underground culvert, creating more storage for floodwater along the Menomonee River and providing environmental and habitat improvements for both waterways. This project was completed in 2015.

rendering of western milwaukee

Western Milwaukee Phase 2B

This project will extend the earthen levee system 1,800 feet eastward to reduce flooding along State Street, build a new 1200-foot-long floodwall, install four new storm sewers, and restore 1500 feet of banks along the Menomonee River.

flood levee wall

Hart Park & Western Milwaukee Levee Accreditation 

MMSD reviewed the entire levee system and identified improvements required for the system to be accredited by FEMA. Improvements include adding additional height to levees and floodwalls at several locations, storm sewer improvements, and sewer rehabilitation.