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Green Highways

Project Overview

The Green Highways is a program that addresses highway stormwater runoff through innovative green infrastructure. Green infrastructure captures, absorbs, or stores rain and melting snow. The stormwater runoff is redirected from highway downspouts to an array of green infrastructure installations under overpasses.

Highway runoff carries a variety of pollutants including heavy metals, oils, salt, and suspended solids. Through the Green Highways, innovative green infrastructure installations are engineered to capture the stormwater runoff before it drains, untreated, into the sewer system or into nearby rivers.

Green Highway projects provide opportunities for additional neighborhood improvements.  In addition to managing stormwater through green infrastructure, the underutilized area can be activated for public use. Examples of public use include pathways, gathering areas, art, and recreational opportunities. While only the green infrastructure installations are funded, additional uses can be footprinted in the design. Funding for any additional amenities will be led and secured through the efforts of local stakeholders.

The Green Highway Initiative's success is based upon robust coordination and collaboration with key agency stakeholders including the Wisconsin Department of Transportation and the City of Milwaukee. These projects also require significant input from stakeholders to incorporate community goals in the

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Project Benefits:

  • Treatment and storage of the first inch or rainfall on the highway
  • Improve water quality by reducing pollutants entering waterways
  • Transform underutilized areas into community assets
  • Provide opportunities for environmental education

Project Timelines:

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Mineral and 6th Street Overpass Project

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    Marquette Overpass

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    Marquette Overpass

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    Marquette Overpass


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