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Sometimes you have to get a little dirty to help protect our rivers and lakes.

That’s when it’s nice to have heavy machinery that can move a lot of dirt to make way for a 400,000 gallon pond that helps clean water. The recently completed pond is located on a 27 acre Greenseams® property that is also home to the Mequon Nature Preserve (MNP). School kids once picked their Halloween pumpkins there, but today they come to learn about clean water and check out the wildlife.  They may spot their first Great Blue Heron or Killdeer. Others will chase after dragonflies and net leopard frogs.

Greenseams® properties have sponge-like soils that allow water to soak into the ground naturally, reducing the risk of future flooding.  Over the past ten years, MNP has restored a tall grass prairie and a wetland system on the land.

You are welcome to take a look, too!  Go to 8200 West County Line Road, Mequon, and take the ADA accessible gravel trail starting at the east edge of the parking lot.