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(Milwaukee, WI) – Police departments in Milwaukee County collected 5,850 pounds of unused medicine over recent months and it was all destroyed this week, keeping it out of the hands of people who abuse prescription drugs, our waterways and the environment.

Medicine collections in Milwaukee County have accumulated more than 28 tons of unused medications since 2006.

18 out of 19 police departments in the County offer medicine collection programs all year long.

The Milwaukee Police Department transported all medicine collected for destruction to a waste-to-energy facility in Indianapolis, Indiana with funding provided by the Milwaukee County Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition and the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District.

Never flush or pour unused medicine down the drain.  Wastewater treatment facilities are not designed to remove pharmaceuticals and the various compounds can go through the facilities into Lake Michigan.

Immediate Release
May 22, 2015
Contact: Bill Graffin, MMSD Public Information Manager, (414) 225-2077