Item 1 - Contract J02015D01, Engineering Services – Jones Island Aeration Basin Concrete Rehabilitation

Item 2 - Contract J04074E01, Preliminary Engineering – Milorganite® Packaging Facility

Item 3 - Change Order Request, Contract K01012C07, Conveyance Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition Upgrade – Phase 2, and Restore the Executive Director’s Original Delegated Authority

Item 4 - Authorizing the Executive Director to Enter into a Settlement Agreement and Memorandum of Understanding Regarding Responsibility for Disposal of Plate and Frame Press Cake, and Change Order Request to Purchase Order 10826 for South Shore Plate and Frame Press Cake Shared Disposal Costs

Item 5 - Change Order Request, Contract P01005C03, Pump Station Replacements – Interplant Sludge System Improvements, and Approve Changes in Total Project Cost

Item 6 - Contract S06046C01, Cat Engine 1, 2, 3, and 4 Top End Overhauls at South Shore Water Reclamation Facility

Item 7 - Amend the 2020 Capital Budget, Create Project J06078, Jones Island Odor Assessment, and Award of Contract J06078P01 – Planning Services – Odor Assessment, Modeling and Capital Improvement Plan at Jones Island Water Reclamation Facility Project

Item 8 - Amend the 2020 Capital Budget and Create the Following Projects: Project J06082, Jones Island Water Reclamation Facility Flood Resilience Improvements; Project S02017, South Shore Water Reclamation Facility Process Air Header Improvements; and Project C05057, I-43 Metropolitan Interceptor Sewer Improvements

Item 9 - Agreement between the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District and Milwaukee County for Kinnickinnic River Watercourse Restoration and Flood Management in Jackson Park, and Approve Change in Total Project Cost