MMSD Lincoln Creek


Just under 1,300 homes and businesses remain in the 1% probability floodplain in Milwaukee County, down from 3,800 in 1999. Commonly referred to as a 100-year flood, the 1% probability flood actually has a 1% chance of occurring every year. MMSD has invested hundreds of millions of dollars to reduce the risk of flooding in our area. At the the same time, heavy downpours have caused hundreds of millions of dollars in property damage over the years and people have died due to flooding in our area.

Flooding in downtown Wauwatosa

In the late 1990's, flooding in downtown Wauwatosa prompted a hightened sense of urgency to tackle known problem areas that are prone to flooding. Since then, the region has invested $400 million on flood work like the Milwaukee County Grounds and Hart Park Flood Management Projects.

Sinkhole during Milwaukee flood of 2010

The results of massive flooding in the City of Milwaukee in 2010.

Damage can be devastating emotionally and financially

Ask anyone who's lived through a flood and they'll tell you it's sometimes hard to sleep at night when strong storms threaten the area. Some homeowners have had to replace furnaces, washers and dryers multiple times after floodwater got in their basements. Family pictures and other irreplaceable items have also been destroyed by flooding.

Milwaukee house after 2010 flood

A home in Milwaukee after flooding in 2010

flooding destroys basement wall

Water knocks down basement walls in 2010

man viewing flooding in Theinsville

Flooding in Theinsville from 2008


Milwaukee Journal Sentinel flood article

June 12, 2008


Valley Park flooding

Valley Park in Milwaukee from 1997

MMSD Flood Management Projects