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WORK AT MMSD: Partners for a Cleaner Environment

Are you interested in protecting the environment using state-of-the-art technology and innovative problem-solving techniques? Can you envision yourself as a team member for a diverse employer striving to be a national leader in water reclamation, flood management, sustainability, and improving water quality? If you answered yes, then please read on:

Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District (MMSD) offers various technical and professional employment opportunities; our employees are environmental stewards committed to providing world-class water and wastewater services.

At MMSD, you can look forward to a satisfying career with a competitive salary and an excellent benefits package.

We encourage you to apply for a position if you're committed to improving the community and the environment.​​​​​​​ We are dedicated to developing the next generation of the water workforce through various career exploration and training opportunities

MMSD is an Equal Employment Opportunity employer committed to providing equal employment opportunities for all persons. MMSD does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, age, disability, or any other legally protected status. Please contact us for more information. 

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Do you want to work at MMSD, but there are no current open positions in your field? Sign up for our Job Interest Card to be notified when a position opens for the categories you select.

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“While Milwaukee is a water-centric city, our water workforce does not reflect the diversity of our residents. To build a more diverse workforce we are investing in and partnering with community-based workforce partners and other water sector employers -- there is no such thing as a “go it alone” approach when developing our future workforce.” Kevin L. Shafer, P.E. Executive Director – MMSD

One Water Career Fair February 9, 2023

Explore Water Jobs and Internships at the One Water, Our Water Career Fair! Join us for the One Water Career Fair, February 9 from 3-6 PM at Embassy Center MKE (3725 N Sherman Blvd, Milwaukee).  

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For additional jobs in the water industry visit, MMSD’s contracted wastewater treatment operator that maintains Jones Island and South Shore water reclamation facilities, Veolia Water Milwaukee, LLC.

At One Water Our Water, you can learn about water education, training, certification programs, and current job openings in the water sector in the Greater Milwaukee area.

MMSD Employee Testimonials

“Milwaukee has gone through drastic changes over the last couple centuries and I’m most interested in seeing how those changes have impacted water quality in Lake Michigan. ​ Many people in the city are getting together to improve Milwaukee's waterways and Lake Michigan, and I get to see firsthand how these improvements are making a difference to our environment.”

- Mitch Olds, MMSD - Water Resource Specialist
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mmsd employee at an outreach event

"From day one with MMSD I have felt like I was a part of a family committed to servicing our communities. I am proud of the work we do at MMSD – from outreach and education to creating beautiful green infrastructure. MMSD is more than just a job – it is a teaching organization with a culture of support, passion and pride in the work that we do. My pride comes in knowing I play a part in the many plans, discussions and projects the District implements to improve our water quality and maintenance, among so many other initiatives. 

As an employee I am afforded the opportunity to grow personally, professionally and creatively. My work in Supplier Diversity is valued and supported, which is very important for the growth of our Small, Women, Minority and Veteran-owned firms."

- Gwen Johsnon, Supplier Diversity Specialist

Learn why Roxanne Rhinehart's passion for protecting public health and our community has made her proud to work in the MMSD laboratory for 36 years.

Dione Woitach's (Garson) love of water encouraged her to go back to school to become a civil engineer and eventually, a Project Engineer at MMSD.

Flannery Doyle's interest in construction and water resulted in a co-op with MMSD when she was still in school, leading to her employment as an MMSD engineer.

“Being a Project Engineer in the water industry find a balance between protecting the public health and provide valuable service to improve water quality. There are many uses for water beyond drinking and bathing. Working in the water industry gives you the opportunity to directly impact the environment by reducing water pollution and improve public safety."

- Courtney Allen, MMSD - Senior Project Engineer
courntey allen project engineer talking to a resident

Nadia Vogt at an outreach event

“Water is essential to life.  My work in keeping that water clean and connecting people to water in a new way helps ensure a healthy water future.  I am proud to play a small role in keeping our water healthy for future generations.”

- Nadia Vogt, MMSD - Senior Project Manager

"I love the idea of being able to implement technology that positively impacts the waterways of our current communities but also future generations."

- Juan Villegas, MMSD - ITS Development Supervisor
Juan villegas working on a computer