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Update: Kinnickinnic River Flood Management Project in Jackson Park

03/20/20 12:35:pm

3/26/20 Project Update

The Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors approved an agreement between Milwaukee County and MMSD for the Kinnickinnic River Flood Management Project in Jackson Park. The agreement is based on a preferred alternative, the Hybrid Site Plan, which has been developed through the public involvement process. The agreement now passed to the Milwaukee County Executive for approval.

View the Milwaukee County Board approved agreement and resolution here.

MMSD is also interested in your comments in the coming months. Please provide your feedback in the form below. As we move forward, we will continue to have additional opportunities for your feedback!

Kinnickinnic River Flood Management Project in Jackson Park Hybrid Site Plan

Kinnickinnic River Watershed

More than 660 homes sit in harm's way along the streams within the Kinnickinnic River watershed, threatened by flooding in heavily urbanized neighborhoods where even the rivers and creeks are lined with miles of concrete. 

The Kinnickinnic River earned a less than glamorous title from the group American Rivers that named the river one of “America’s Ten Most Endangered Rivers” in 2007 due to contaminated sediments and severely degraded habitat.

Let’s show the Kinnickinnic River some love and improve the quality of life for thousands of people who live, work and visit the area.

More than $350 million in projects are in the works:

  • Reduce the risk of flooding on the Kinnickinnic River and its tributary streams
  • Remove failing concrete in river channels and replace it with a naturalized waterway to slow down dangerous currents and improve conditions for fish and other stream life

There is very little room to store and manage excess rain in the Kinnickinnic River Watershed, but segments of Jackson Park could help in times of need. The flood management project offers a great opportunity to re-envision Jackson Park to better support recreation and the community. 

To learn more about the Kinnickinnic River Jackson Park project visit:

MMSD wants feedback on Jackson Park Project

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