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MMSD Green Luminary® Award | City of Wauwatosa

06/08/20 09:00:am

The road to cleaner rivers and lakes starts in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin with 17 green alleys that can manage hundreds of thousands of gallons of water every time it rains. See how green alleys work and hear why the City plans to install more and more of these green infrastructure tools that help manage water where it falls.

The City of Wauwatosa is taking action to manage water where it falls; with the Menomonee River running through the Community, Wauwatosa knows the value of protecting our local waterways and promoting a more sustainable lifestyle. The City has partnered with MMSD and the Fresh Coast Resource Center to promote green infrastructure strategies that capture, infiltrate, and slow the flow of stormwater. In addition to greening city streets and parking lots, the City of Wauwatosa has undertaken a green alley program. Green alleys capture and slow the flow of rainwater falling on surrounding hard surfaces. To date, the City of Wauwatosa has installed 17 green alleys, with five more on the way in 2020.  The green alleys feature new concrete paving, storm sewer relay, surface restorations, and sidewalk and drive approaches in alleyways. These alleys reduce stormwater runoff, help clean and recharge groundwater, and reduce localized flooding.

The Green Luminary Award-winning green alley program is just one of the ways that the City of Wauwatosa is working to protect local waterways and improve the quality of life in their community.  In 2018, Wauwatosa also participated in a Green Summer Program, this program encouraged residents to think about stormwater and take an active role with simple solutions like rain gardens and rain barrels, to help protect Lake Michigan and the waterways in their community.  Working together residents and the Wauwatosa Department of Public Works are making significant progress towards a more sustainable future and healthier waterways. 

Ways to Protect Lake Michigan:

Fresh Coast Guardians Resource Center

Fresh Coast Guardians

Are you a homeowner, organization or business looking for help on installing green infrastructure? Contact the Fresh Coast Guardians Resource Center to get started today.

Green Luminary® Recipients

A Green Luminary® helps protect our rivers and Lake Michigan by adopting practices that harvest rainfall for other uses, or mimic nature, by helping it soak into the ground to reduce water pollution. View previous Green Luminary® ​​​​​award winners from the MMSD service area.

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