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Dredged Material Management Facility Public Information Meeting on May 18th

04/19/21 04:00:pm

New project beginning to help restore our waterways

Be a part of the initiative to restore our waterways! Join Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District (MMSD) and the Waterway Restoration Partnership on May 18th for a virtual public information meeting about the Dredged Material Management Facility Project (DMMF).    

The DMMF is a key project of the Milwaukee Estuary Area of Concern (AOC) initiative to restore the health of our rivers and protect Lake Michigan. The facility will provide safe containment for contaminated sediment that will be removed from the Milwaukee Estuary. 

The virtual public information meeting will be held on May 18th from 5:30 p.m. – 7:00 pm. Join us to learn about the DMMF project and the Milwaukee Estuary AOC initiative to restore the health of our rivers and protect Lake Michigan.  

The public information meeting for the DMMF will be held virtually, using Zoom. Registration is required. Follow this link to register for the May 18th public information meeting.  

Visit the DMMF project webpage to learn more about the DMMF project. Follow this link to learn about the Milwaukee Estuary Area of Concern initiative.



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Get Involved / Stay Informed

  • Sign up to receive Dredged Material Management Facility project updates in your inbox.
  • Participate in upcoming events. MMSD will conduct a number of stakeholder and public outreach activities throughout the entirety of the project to obtain project input and feedback.
  • Learn more about the Milwaukee Estuary Area of Concern (AOC) by visiting and following AOC initiatives on social media (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook).

A Toxic Legacy:

Cleaning Up Milwaukee's Waterways

In this video, Milwaukee historian John Gurda shares the next steps in an ambitious plan to clean up the remaining historical pollution in the rivers and harbor of the Milwaukee Estuary AOC. In scale, speed and impact, it's a historic opportunity to remove toxic pollution that is preventing our region from reaching its full potential. This project is vital to restore the health of our waterways and to open economic opportunities for Wisconsin and the Great Lakes region.

John Gurda further explains the history of pollution and the opportunities we have to clean up our rivers in this article.

What is an Area of Concern (AOC)?

It's defined in the United States-Canada Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement as "a geographic area designated by the Parties where significant impairment of beneficial uses has occurred as a result of human activities at the local level." It is an area that has experienced environmental degradation. When AOCs were originally identified, there were 43 areas in the Great Lakes region. As of August 2016, 7 AOCs (4 in the US and 3 in Canada) have been de-listed.


Where is the Milwaukee Area of Concern Located?

The original boundaries of the AOC included the lower 5 km of the Milwaukee River downstream of North Avenue Dam; the lower 4.8 km of the Menomonee River downstream of 35th Street; the lower 4 km of the Kinnickinnic River downstream of Chase Avenue; the inner and outer harbors; and the nearshore waters of Lake Michigan, bounded by a line extending north from Sheridan Park to the city of Milwaukee’s Linnwood water intake. Check out the Milwaukee AOC map here.