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Get Rid of Mercury & Household Chemicals Properly

04/02/24 12:00:pm

FREE Disposal Program for Milwaukee County Residents

Contact: Bill Graffin

MMSD Public Information Manager

(414) 225-2077

(Milwaukee, WI)—It’s almost always more dangerous and expensive to clean up mishandled chemicals than to dispose of them properly and safely at a Home HazMat drop-off.

The recent mercury spill outside a grocery store in Brown Deer is a powerful lesson and reminder of how important it is for people to use this valuable public service for household hazardous waste.

If you live in Milwaukee County, you have unlimited access to three collection centers open all year long that are free to visit. Homeowners pay about $4.00 a year for the program to exist.

Since 1997, the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District’s Home HazMat program has prevented 27 million pounds of nasty chemicals from getting into our drinking water and the environment.

There are several new items on the list of things you can get rid of at a collection, including:

  • Vape equipment (Nicotine Only)
  • Cooking oil (New or Used)
  • String (Holiday) lights/extension cords

The program is only available for households in Milwaukee County. No businesses.