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Highly Visible Change at Jones Island

10/18/22 08:30:am

Contact: Bill Graffin

MMSD Public Information Manager

(414) 225-2077

A familiar sight at Jones Island will disappear for a while as workers repair cracks in massive ducts that feed treated exhaust from Milorganite dryers up a 350-foot-tall smokestack.

The exhaust will instead be discharged directly above the building where Milorganite® Fertilizer is made, which will be noticeably different for drivers on the Hoan Bridge.

MMSD does not expect any impacts on traffic, however, certain weather conditions could create the potential for the exhaust plume to reach the bridge.

If any visibility, icing, or safety issues arise, the District can reduce operations or shut the Milorganite®  facility down completely.

View of Lake Michigan, Hoan Bridge, and the Jones Island Smokestack


Normal smokestack operation at Jones Island



Exhaust rising up vents on the Milorganite building at Jones island

Exhaust rising up vents on the Milorganite®  building at Jones Island

Since the exhaust will discharge into the atmosphere approximately 10 stories above ground instead of 35 stories above ground, the distribution of odors into the air will change, depending on wind direction.

All exhaust air will go through pollution prevention equipment before being released into the atmosphere.

MMSD must still comply with the rules and regulations of its air discharge permit with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.

The change goes into effect on October 17, 2022, and may last through the end of the year.


Aerial map of Jones Island water reclamation facility and the Milorganite building