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Lyons Park Creek Bank Stabilization Project

05/24/23 09:00:am

Lyons Park Creek is in the Kinnickinnic River watershed on the south side of Milwaukee. Lyons Park Creek is approximately 1.5 miles long, originating from the outlet of a box culvert under Forest Home Avenue extending to where the creek meets with the Kinnickinnic River north of West Cleveland Avenue.

The Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District (MMSD) is reconstructing a portion of Lyons Park Creek. The speed of the water flowing in this part of Lyons Creek has caused significant stream channel and bluff erosion in multiple areas. The erosion has already caused a City of Milwaukee concrete alley and storm sewer to degrade. This project will stabilize the erosion, reducing risks to surrounding property and negative water quality impacts. Not only will this project make the stream more resilient to erosion caused by increased rain events, but MMSD will also be removing invasive and low-quality vegetation to enhance biodiversity and habitat quality. The project area starts at the upstream end from the outlet of a box culvert under Forest Home Avenue to a point approximately 450 feet downstream. MMSD owns the parcel of land where the erosion is occurring and will manage the project.

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Lyon Creek bank erosion

Under this project, the contractor will:

  • Stabilize 450 feet of channel
  • Restore stream channel vegetation and habitat
  • Reconstruct approximately 100 feet of the concrete alley, including installation of a four-foot-wide permeable paver strip
  • Install 126 feet of storm sewer and two storm sewer inlets
  • The stabilization project will take 6 - 8 months to complete

Contractor: Rams Construction
MMSD Project Contact: Dan Talarczyk, 414-315-7959

Lyons Park Creek Project Map