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Manzanet & Stone to Lead MMSD Commission in 2022

12/20/21 04:00:pm

Contact: Bill Graffin, MMSD Public Information Manager, (414) 225-2077

(Milwaukee, WI) – Eugene Manzanet will chair the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District’s (MMSD) governing body in 2022 with former Wisconsin lawmaker Jeff Stone taking on the position of vice-chair. 

Eugene Manzanet


Manzanet, after serving eight years in the United States Marine Corps Reserve, has dedicated his time and energy to serving the Milwaukee area as a resource of information for financial education, community, and economic development. After twenty-five years in the finance and banking industry, Manzanet is currently a doctoral candidate at Cardinal Stritch University in Leadership for the Advancement of Learning and Service to graduate in May 2022. The future doctor currently is the Executive Director of Scaling Wellness In Milwaukee (SWIM) which allows him to leverage his academic studies with his community and economic development banking experience to help build a more resilient Milwaukee. SWIM is an organization dedicated to increasing strategic partnerships between local service providers of all sizes addressing generational trauma in Milwaukee.  SWIM's mission is to drive community-based collaboration that helps to prevent and respond to trauma and creates a resilient Milwaukee. SWIM initiatives include increasing strategic partnerships between service providers, providing wellness and capacity-building activities for small trauma-facing community-based organizations, and delivering trauma-responsive workplace training and retreats.  

Jeff Stone

Jeff Stone has a broad range of experience in both public and private sector roles in our community and state, including nearly 20 years of service in elected office at both the state and local level where he served for more than 15 years as State Representative for the southwest Milwaukee County area. He currently is a Senior Consultant with Kapur & Associates Consulting Engineers as well as being owner and partner in several business ventures. Stone served the state as a water utility regulator with the Wisconsin Public Service Commission with rate and construction oversight responsibilities for all of the nearly 600 water utilities in Wisconsin.

MMSD’s Commission consists of eleven members.  Seven are appointed by the mayor of the City of Milwaukee (subject to Common Council confirmation). At least three must be elected officials. Four Commission members are appointed by the Executive Council of the Intergovernmental Cooperation Council (ICC) which is composed of the mayors and village presidents of the Milwaukee County suburban municipalities (excluding South Milwaukee).  At least three of these appointees must be elected officials. 



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