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MMSD Finalist for Global Public Service Team of the Year 2019

12/19/19 05:00:pm

The Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District (MMSD) has been selected as one of the finalists out of hundreds of nominations for Apolitical’s Global Public Service Team of the Year for 2019 for our innovative approach to reducing water pollution from sewer overflows by issuing the Water Drop Alert™. The MMSD has been recognized as the “gold standard” in sanitation, as Milwaukee now averages only 2.4 combined sewer overflows a year, due to a massive underground tunnel, green infrastructure, and flood-control measures.

While MMSD works to further reduce sewer overflows, major storms and heavy rains can still overwhelm the sanitary sewer system. By issuing the Water Drop Alert™ we remind our community to use less water which helps reduce the amount of sewage that might end up in the environment if there is an overflow.

Sign-up for Water Drop Alerts™ Text WATERDROP to (414)296-4422

What Can You Do?

Vote! If you work in or with the government you can cast your vote here (it only takes a few seconds) and the deadline is on 11pm GMT on Sunday the 5th of January.

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For the second year in a row, Apolitical will be celebrating innovative, groundbreaking teams that get the job done through our Public Service Team of the Year Awards. Though their work often goes unnoticed, we know that teams are at the heart of every effective government and are working hard every day to make people’s lives better.

The MMSD was nominated for The Boring Engine Room Award. This award recognizes that the teams tackling the most pressing issues don’t always have the flashiest titles. Cleaning spreadsheets, updating systems, or managing wastewater may not be the most glamorous-sounding work, but it’s absolutely essential.

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How is MMSD Reducing Combined Sewer Overflows?

Milwaukee's Underground Deep Tunnel

Deep Tunnel

The Deep Tunnel has prevented more than 125 billion gallons of pollution from getting into Lake Michigan.

Milwaukee Flood Management projects

Flood Management

MMSD has invested hundreds of millions of dollars to reduce the risk of flooding in our area. Learn about our projects.

milwaukee public museum green roof

Green Infrastructure

Green Infrastructure captures, absorbs or stores rain and melting snow. From green roofs and bioswales to rain barrels and rain gardens.