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MMSD’s & Veolia’s COVID-19 Related Actions

03/27/20 01:12:pm

(Milwaukee, WI) - As the world deals with COVID-19, regional water reclamation facilities continue to operate and clean hundreds of millions of gallons of water to exceptional standards. 

The Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District (MMSD) and Veolia Water Milwaukee closely monitor all developments with COVID-19 to balance the need for essential personnel to operate critical facilities and to help reverse the spread of the virus by staying at home whenever possible. All employees that can work from home are doing so in compliance with recommended safety protocols. 

Combined, MMSD and Veolia have more than 400 employees that are dedicated to the mission of protecting public health for 1.1 million people in 28 communities.  

MMSD Veolia jones island wastewater treatment plant

Jones Island Water Reclamation Facility

“Insuring the safety of our workers and doing what we can to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus is our utmost priority.  Treating our wastewater so that it kills this virus protects us all.  The incredible people who work for MMSD do this every single day of the year.  I thank them for their hard work,” said Kevin Shafer, MMSD Executive Director. 

“Thanks to our dedicated staff, the Jones Island and South Shore water reclamation plants are operating without disruption,” said Scott Royer, Vice President and General Manager for Veolia Water Milwaukee. “Our employees are doing a fantastic job keeping everything running, while also complying with the CDC guidelines.” 

MMSD and Veolia have prioritized all construction projects to move forward with essential infrastructure improvements while, at the same time, reducing the number of outside contractors that have access to facilities. All contractors entering the treatment plants are being screened and required to have their temperature taken.   

“We’re doing all we can to make sure we have a healthy workforce that can continue to provide an invaluable service,” said Shafer. 

is coronavirus in our water covid graphic

Is Coronavirus in Our Water?

MMSD’s, Kevin Shafer, helps explain the effects of COVID-19 coronavirus in our water.

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