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Prescribed Burn Planned for Pulaski Park 

04/09/24 09:00:am

A prescribed burn is planned at Pulaski Park as part of the long-term vegetation management. The burn will take place in late March or early April. The weather will determine the exact dates. The burn will be conducted over multiple days in areas of the park north and south of Cleveland Ave.  

Benefits for the Environment Include:

  • Removal of old vegetation: Removing dead plant material to make way for new growth. 
  • Reduction of invasive species: Invasive plants are not well adapted to burns like our native plant species. Prescribed burns help prevent the spread of invasive plants that could harm the native plant communities being established in Pulaski Park.
  • Reduction of herbicide use for invasive plant management.
  • Enhance habitat: Helps promote diverse habitats for various plants and animals. 
  • Improves Soil Quality: It returns nutrients to the soil that nourish native plants and reduce the need for additional fertilizing.

A detailed burn plan has been created as part of the prescribed burn. We carefully considered factors such as wildlife, weather conditions (wind), and specific trees and shrubs to protect. This detailed plan serves to protect people and animals. When done properly, prescribed burns should not negatively impact migratory birds or other wildlife in the area.

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    Overview and finished burn -- Urban Ecology Center/Riverside Park

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    Overview and finished burn -- Urban Ecology Center/Riverside Park

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    Stantec Prescribed Burn

Prescribed burns may seem intense, but they're crucial for plant diversity and maintaining natural habitats. Professional fire managers will carefully execute the burn, considering weather conditions and wind direction to minimize any potential impacts on air quality and the surrounding neighborhoods. 

While efforts are made to control and minimize the impact of smoke during the burn, community members are urged to be cautious during the burning activity for their safety. Please follow posted signs and stay away from the area during the prescribed burn.  MMSD and their contractor will remain onsite and monitor burn areas to ensure all fires are extinguished and the area is safe to the public prior to leaving for the day.

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