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Water Drop Alert Has Ended

04/04/23 09:45:am

WATER DROP ALERT! has ended (04/05/23) with no sewer overflows. Thank you for reducing water usage. 


Do you have standing water in your basement?

Electricity + Water = Danger. DO NOT go into a basement with standing water. Wait for the water to drain out of the basement before entering. Or, call a qualified electrician to disconnect the power before you enter a flooded basement.

For help troubleshooting why there is water in your basement. Call your municipal public works dept to report the problem and your homeowners/renters insurance agent. If your municipality is unable to help you, contact MMSD at (414) 272-5100 or ​​​submit the form.


Severe weather and heavy rains are in the forecast. Every drop counts when it comes to reducing the risk of basement backups and sewer overflows. Try to use less water until you're notified the Water Drop Alert has ended:

  • Hold off on washing dishes
  • Do the laundry tomorrow
  • Take a shorter shower

To sign up for Water Drop Alerts by texting, text: WATERDROP to 414-296-4422

When a Water Drop Alert™ is issued, we will send a text alert, share it on our social media, and post the alert on Using less water during heavy rain can help keep extra water out of our sewers, protect Lake Michigan, and help keep water out of our basements.

 For updates on the water reclamation facilities, deep tunnels, and sewer overflows.

Water drop alert notification graphic