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New WaterMarks Marker Installed at 16th and Harrison

05/31/23 02:30:pm

WaterMarks: An Atlas of Water for the City of Milwaukee

WaterMarks: An Atlas of Water for the City of Milwaukee is a city-wide network of public art installations to help us all better understand the significance of water in our everyday lives. As part of the WaterMarks multi-layered framework, you will begin to see illuminated WaterMarkers in neighborhoods across the city. The WaterMarks project is an initiative of the City as Living LaboratoryThese Markers create a conceptual Atlas of Water, with new Markers being added over time.

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Each WaterMarker will feature a single character informed by local input and related to their locations. They will be blue to represent our connection to water and will be programmed to pulse when heavy rain is expected, as a visual signal about the importance of individual actions that can reduce flooding and sewer overflows. Surrounding each WaterMarks location, a series of projects by local artists, walks featuring artists and scientists, and stories shared by local voices will unite our communities around water-related topics, concerns, or memories and build stronger relationships with the water systems that support our lives.

We are excited that you will see new art at 16th and Harrison as part of the 6th-16th Kinnickinnic River project! The KK River Neighbors in Action (KKRNIA) championed a WaterMarks marker to be installed along the Kinnickinnic River at 16th Street and Harrison to share their sense of pride in the positive changes tied to a transformed river and a beautified Pulaski Park. The letter Ñ was selected for this WaterMark site to reflect, celebrate, and recognize the Latinx community.

Once installed, you may see the WaterMark flashing when MMSD issues a WaterDrop Alert. This is an innovative approach to reducing water pollution from sewer overflows. When large storms and heavy rains threaten the area, they can overwhelm the sanitary sewer system. By using less water, you're helping reduce the amount of sewage that might end up in the environment if there is an overflow.

Ways You Can Protect Lake Michigan

MMSD Water Drop Alert

Text: WATERDROP to 414-296-4422 for Española texto GOTADEAGUA a 414-296-4422

Receive Water Drop Alert text messages when heavy rain threatens the area. When a Water Drop Alert has been issued, a reminder is sent to use less water.

What do you do when an alert is issued?

  • Hold off on washing dishes and laundry
  • Take a shorter shower 
  • Empty your rain barrel
Fresh Coast Guardians Resource Center

Fresh Coast Guardians

Are you a homeowner, organization, or business looking for help on installing green infrastructure? Contact the Fresh Coast Guardians Resource Center to get started today.

Rain Check graphic

Rain Check

Help keep water out of your home, reduce water pollution and save money during heavy rains by conducting a home audit, inside and out. Rain Check can help you identify and correct potential problems that could lead to water damage and more. By managing water where it falls, we can all help reduce the risk of basement backups and water pollution.