Employee Testimonials

MMSD employee Vicki Allen

IT Data Center Supervisor

I started working at MMSD 10 years ago.It's really a great place to work with the freedom to think outside the box and have my thoughts considered. I am able to use my skills and knowledge. It is a pleasure to work directly with our customers. I have the ability to contribute in meaningful ways and do my best every day. I have learned a lot about wastewater treatment since I started working at MMSD. The people here from the top down are positive, caring, friendly, helpful and truly a 'family', yet professional. They are a pleasure to work with, and make it enjoyable to come to work.

MMSD employee Greg Hottinger

Asset Management Program Manager

I have worked for MMSD since 2005 and can honestly say I have never had a boring day. I attribute that to the challenging and varied projects I have been involved in and the talented, motivated staff that I have the privilege to work alongside. I have had the opportunity to design projects, manage project teams of consultants to develop design contracts, oversee construction contractors and field staff to ensure construction contracts are executed and manage the District Asset Management program that ensures we are cost effectively meeting the needs of our customers and minimizing our exposure to risk. After that long list I can see why I feel I have grown professionally as an engineer and how everything I have done has reinforced my belief that working for the District is a career, not just a job. In addition to providing professional development and career satisfaction, the District has provided me with a feeling that a work/life balance is important to the organization. Examples include flexible work hours, health screenings and employee organized events such as picnics and cook-outs.

MMSD employee Tanya Gregg

Systems Monitoring Data Analyst

Working for MMSD has given me an opportunity to work in a dynamic environment. I successfully support the District’s Wisconsin Pollution Discharge Elimination System Permit in the following programs: storm water, groundwater, real-time water quality, flow monitoring and conveyance system monitoring. I work in the office utilizing a broad range of skills and knowledge to analyze data for the Systems Monitoring Department. I am proud to be employed by a company recognized nationally as a leader in green solutions for storm water pollution.

MMSD employee Courtney Allen

Senior Project Manager

When I was hired in 2005, my experience in building and civil construction management was taken into consideration. Recognizing my background and experience, I was placed as a Resident Engineer–in-Training/Project Manager and worked on multiple construction sites. MMSD has continually invested in my career by helping me pursue certifications, participate in training courses and work toward my Professional Engineer License. MMSD has demonstrated not only a unique eye for attracting the best people, but fostering their development and demonstrating loyalty at all levels. Additionally, MMSD offers tremendous advancement potential and work/life balance.

MMSD employee Kori Kenney


MMSD has provided me a venue through which I have been able to combine my commitment to environmental protection with my interest in interdisciplinary water science. The District has also supported my development of specialized skills in microscopy and microbiological analysis of water and wastewater. I have gained knowledge of Wisconsin regulations affecting our freshwater environment and I believe the quality and integrity of the data produced by the MMSD Central Laboratory is of utmost importance. I am committed to public safety and appreciate the opportunity to be a part of preserving the health of Lake Michigan and The Great Lakes.

MMSD employee Dinh Son

Monitoring/Sampling Specialist

MMSD has provided me a great opportunity to progressively expand my professional capabilities on many aspects that MMSD involves surrounding its mission to protect the environment. I am working with a group of excellent people who are very knowledgeable in their jobs and I'm learning a great deal from their expertise. I have met and continue to meet many other great people working here from different departments. MMSD also has a very good tuition reimbursement program to promote its continuing education and career advancement. Together, MMSD has helped me achieve my goal with an I.T. Networking degree as well as my other certificates from Microsoft and CompTIA to explore and advance my career when the opportunity arises. I enjoy having many possibilities to grow with MMSD.