Jones Island Water Reclamation Facility

Biosolids Advanced Facilities Plan

In the Biosolids Advanced Facilities Plan, the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District (MMSD), assesses the condition of its systems, establishes needs for improvement, evaluates options to address the needs of its systems, and identifies the projects and other actions that are required to continue to meet existing and projected future conditions.  The recommended plan established an adaptive pathway to assist with planning for an uncertain future.  By executing this plan, MMSD will improve its resilience and reliability by reducing risk and environmental impacts while increasing renewable energy use and the beneficial reuse of biosolids. This assessment has been guided by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WDNR) requirements, MMSD's foundational goals, and the MMSD Commission.

The Goals of the Biosolids Advanced Facilities Plan:

  1. Comply with its Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WDNR) wastewater discharge permit that requires MMSD to periodically issue updated facilities plan to the WDNR.
  2. Ensure compliance with Wisconsin Administrative Code Chapter NR 110.
  3. Meet internal goals, including 2035 Vision and 2050 Foundational Goals.
    • MMSD's 2035 Vision: is composed of two key elements: integrated watershed management and climate change mitigation/ adaptation with an emphasis on energy efficiency.
    • MMSD's Biosolids Advanced Facilities Plan goals:
      1. What is the best way to make Milorganite®?
      2. What drivers influence the long-term viability of Milorganite?
      3. How can MMSD adapt to changing drivers?

Current Status:

The MMSD Biosolids Advanced Facilities Plan has been approved by Commision. 

Public Hearing

To watch the recording of the June 22, 2022, virtual public hearing.