This area is designed for exchange of technical and operational information between the District, representatives of the 28 communities it serves, and various governmental agencies.


Water Quality Initiative (MMSD's 2020 Facilities Plan)

2020 Facilities Plan

Sewer Plan Review

Sewer Plan Review Submittal Toolkit 2015

Sewer Plan Review Request Form, Appendix C

Sanitary Sewer Design Guidance


CMOM Web Page and Program Documentation

2008 Inspection and Cleaning Guidance

Green Solutions

2018 Green Solutions Program

GS Eligible Work

GS Funding Agreement Template

2018 Municipal Allocations

2017 Municipal Allocations

2016 Municipal Allocations

2015 Municipal Allocations

Green Infrastructure Specifications and Templates

GI Desktop Tool

GI Plans and Specifications Final Report


MMSD Community Exchange Contact Person
Micki Klappa-Sullivan : (414) 225-2178
Email: MKlappaSullivan@mmsd.com