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Is CMOM required by Federal Rules?

CMOM principles were proposed by the USEPA in 2001 as a part of a draft Sanitary Sewer Overflow (SSO) Rule.  The draft rule was subsequently withdrawn and has not been promulgated. The language of the withdrawn SSO Rule regarding CMOM is included as Appendix 1-2 in the MMSD CMOM Program documentation (see link below).

Why is the District implementing a CMOM Program?

The District agreed to implement a CMOM Program as a part of a Stipulation Agreement entered into with the State of Wisconsin in 2002.  The District sees the CMOM Program as a valuable tool in working toward its mission of improving water quality.

What is CMOM?

Generically, CMOM, principles are directed at reducing sanitary sewer overflows through stating the goals and objectives of an organization (regarding overflows) and the strategies and tactics that will be employed to achieve the goals. MMSD saw the value of applying these principles to its other areas of responsibility also.  Therefore, MMSD developed and documented a broad CMOM Program to address its wastewater conveyance and storage system, its wastewater treatment plants and the watercourse systems under its jurisdiction.

What has the District done regarding its CMOM Program?

The District has gone through: 1) Readiness review; 2) Strategic plan preparation; and 3) Program documentation phases.  The CMOM Program documentation was completed and has been submitted to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources as of June 29, 2007.  The District CMOM Program can be viewed or downloaded by clicking on the links below.

pdf  2014 Entire Program 

Is there any other information available regarding the District CMOM Program?

The District prepares annual reports documenting progress of the implementation. See Chapters 6 and 7 of the CMOM Program for further information.

pdf    2017 CMOM Program Annual Report
pdf    2016 CMOM Program Annual Report
pdf    2015 CMOM Program Annual Report
pdf    2014 CMOM Program Annual Report
pdf    2013 CMOM Program Annual Report 
pdf    2012 CMOM Program Annual Report
pdf    2011 CMOM Program Annual Report
pdf    2010 CMOM Program Annual Report
pdf    2009 CMOM Program Annual Report
pdf    2008 CMOM Program Annual Report


Can I provide suggestions to the District CMOM Program?

Click on the link below to provide a comment or suggestion or ask a question about the District CMOM


Are there other sources of information available regarding CMOM Programs?

The USEPA has various guides, checklists and pamphlets on CMOM.

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources also has information on CMOM Programs