Lake Michigan

Industrial Honor Roll

The Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District (MMSD) Industrial Waste Pretreatment Program has been very successful, reducing pollutants by 90% or more in many cases. Each year MMSD honors facilities within the 28 communities we serve, for their efforts to protect the environment while contributing to the economic vitality of our region. All of these facilities are significant industrial users in the MMSD regulatory program

MMSD Regulates Industrial Wastewater to:

  • Help protect Lake Michigan.
  • Prevent the discharge of pollutants that could damage sewers or treatment plants.
  • Maintain high-quality production of Milorganite fertilizer.
  • Avoid violations of MMSD's discharge limits from our treatment plants.
  • MMSD currently issues permits to approximately 125 industrial facilities. Permits implement a combination of environmentally-based local limits and federal technology-based limits.