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CAD & BIM Standards

MMSD implemented a new version of CAD Standards in April of 2010.

Updated MMSD CAD Standards are available for viewing and download (PDF format) below. Additional resources, standard blocks, templates, etc. will be posted as they become available.

MMSD requires that all new project drawings are submitted in accordance with these updated standards. New project drawing deliverables that do not comply with these standards will not be accepted and will be returned to the consultant for correction.

Summary of 12/12 Additions:
Starting in 2013, MMSD has available a Microstation Workspace to enhance compliance with our CAD Standards. Please see below for link. Please direct Workspace questions and comments to Robert Chavez ( or 414-225-2230).




MicroStation Files 

(NOTE: This is a third party FTP site)

  • Installation guidelines here
  • Conveyance - please contact Robert Chavez ( or 414-225-2230)
    • Cover Sheet
    • Site Map
  • Watercourse - please contact Robert Chavez ( or 414-225-2230)
    • Cover Sheet
    • Site Map
  • Real Estate - please contact Robert Chavez ( or 414-225-2230)

Electronic Drawing Deliverable Excel Templates

All Construction and Record Drawing deliverables must be accompanied by the following Excel spreadsheet, populated with individual drawing information.

To continue improving our processes, your comments regarding the use of these resources are greatly appreciated. Please contact Robert Chavez ( or 414-225-2230) with questions, comments, and requests for more information.