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MMSD has a strong commitment to Small, Veteran, Women, and Minority (SWMBE) businesses. In order to encourage SWMBE participation, we've established procurement goals of 13% for MBE's, 5% for SBE/VBE's, and 2% for WBE's. 

Firms interested in fulfilling these goals must be certified.  MMSD offers its own Small Business certification. MMSD also recognizes SWMBE certifications from other agencies.  

Vendor Registration

All firms wishing to do business with MMSD must register as a vendor in the Contract and Vendor Management System.  By registering with MMSD, your organization will receive notices for relevant Procurement opportunities via e-mail. 

Firms seeking SWMBE certification must be registered before their certification can be approved.

MMSD Small Business Certification

To apply for MMSD SBE certification, businesses must complete the Small Business Certification application.  

MMSD SBE Certification is valid for three years. Firms wishing to renew their certification must submit a new application and business tax returns for the past three years.

To be eligible for SBE certification, firms must meet the size standard for its industry as set forth by the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA).

A size standard represents the largest size that a business (including its subsidiaries and affiliates) may be to remain classified as a small business. SBA size standards vary by industry classification and can be defined by average annual receipts for the past three years or average number of employees over the past twelve months.

Businesses can use the SBA size standards tool to determine if their business can be classified as a small business.


Recognized SWMBE Certifications

While there are various entities that provide SWMBE certification services, below are links to the most common SWMBE certifications that MMSD recognizes:

WI Dept of Administration Supplier Diversity Programs MBE, WBE and DVB Certifications
WI Dept of Transportation DBE Certification provided it reflects minority or gender status
Milwaukee County DBE Certification provided it reflects minority or gender status
City of Milwaukee SBE Certification
Women's Business Enterprise National Council
North Central Minority Supplier Development Council
U.S. Dept. of Veteran Affairs, SDVOSB and VOSB Certifications

Businesses certified by one of these agencies should submit a copy of their certificate or approval letter to the SWMBE program for inclusion in the MMSD SWMBE public directory.

SWMBE Public Directory

SWMBE firms that register with the District through the vendor registration process and provide proof of their certification will be listed in a public directory. Once the District has reviewed and accepted the registration of certificated SWMBE firms, this information becomes immediately available in the online certified public vendor directory on the District's website.


Wisconsin District of the US Small Business Administration
Wisconsin Department of Transportation

If you have any questions, please contact the SWMBE Program at (414) 272-5100 or swmbe@mmsd.com.