Basement Connection

The Village has pursued reducing excess water throughout its sanitary sewer system in recent years, even before the establishment of the MMSD PPII Program. These efforts have primarily focused on reducing clear water sources, such as sump pumps, at point of sale. In 2010, the Village adopted a new ordinance prohibiting all clear water connections to the sanitary sewer system which requires, among other things, that all foundation drains be disconnected. The Village’s Program provides 50% funding of the cost through reimbursement from MMSD, up to a $5,000 total benefit to the property owner. Smoke and dye water testing will be performed during the summer and fall of 2015 in order in the Village sewershed FP4003 to determine which sanitary sewer laterals will be inspected for potential rehabilitation The inspection results will be evaluated to determine which laterals will be recommended for rehabilitation. The Village will develop a direct mailing to send to affected property owners requesting their authorization for access to perform the lateral inspection and dye test.

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