Basement Connection

In an effort to reduce wet weather related sanitary sewer problems, the City of Franklin completed several projects in the Rawson Homes subdivision on S. 36th Street and S. 37th Street between W. Rawson Avenue and Marquette Avenue.

Most of the homes in this area were built in the 1950s and are served by some of the oldest sanitary sewers in the City. Through monitoring the water flows in the sewers, the City noticed very large increases in flow during wet weather events.

Televising and testing the city sewers and the private laterals serving the homes revealed significant defects and extensive root intrusion problems in 100% of the laterals.

The City took a comprehensive approach to repairing the sewers by grouting and lining the public sewers in the street. This work was followed by repairing the sanitary laterals from the street sewer to the homes.

Where basements were present, the City also separated the stormwater sump from the sanitary sump. The most recent work south of W. Madison Avenue Blvd was completed in the fall of 2015. With continued flow monitoring where the work has been completed, the peak flows during wet weather have been reduced by 80% to 90%.