Basement Connection

Private Property Program


In 2014, the Village of Menomonee Falls completed sanitary lateral investigative work in five areas (El Rio, Dolphin, Honeysuckle, Fair Oak, and Graysland) based on the history of basement backups and wet weather monitoring data. Of the 316 eligible homeowners, 192 consented to a full investigation of the lateral. Thirty-eight laterals were identified to be leaking through storm ditch dye water flooding and lateral televising. House inspections on the properties identified as contributing clear water to the sanitary system will be completed to identify any further sources of clear water to the sanitary system such as yard drains or foundation drains. Resident participation will be on a voluntary basis, and all project costs will be funded through the MMSD PPI/I program. The Village estimates some level of rehabilitation work will be done on a total of 60 laterals. Thirty laterals throughout the five priority areas were identified to require a more significant degree of rehabilitation, plus all 30 lateral pipe transitions in the El Rio area will be rehabilitated. The project is scheduled to be publicly bid in August 2015 with construction scheduled to be completed in November 2015.

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