Basement Connection

In 2012 the City of Mequon, through the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District (MMSD) Private Property Inflow and Infiltration (PPI/I) Reduction Program, began sanitary sewer lateral investigative work in focused areas. The objective of this work was to identify and reduce sources of clear water from entering into the sanitary sewer laterals that overwhelm the local sewers and the MMSD sewer system. This investigative work is documented in the June 2014 Final Report on the Mequon Pilot PPI/I Reduction Program Study.

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In the Fall/Winter of 2016/2017, the City of Mequon plans to begin with the rehabilitation of at least 30 laterals, as identified in the investigative work, located in the Ville du Parc, West Shoreland and Ravine Acres areas. Note the Ravine Acres area was not included in the 2014 Report, however this area has recorded some of the largest wet weather peak flows in the City, and was decided by City staff to include in the pilot project and accepted by MMSD.

The City will monitor and compare lift station pumping records during wet weather events for pre-rehabilitation and post-rehabilitation conditions to evaluate the sanitary sewer lateral rehabilitation with respect to private property inflow and infiltration reduction in those areas. The lateral rehabilitation methods specified include lateral lining and spot repairs. The pilot program also allows for full replacement if required.

For more information on the MMSD Basement Connection program in Mequon, please fill out the contact form on this page or visit the City of Mequon website and navigate to Departments»Engineering»Sanitary Sewer