Basement Connection

In an effort to reduce wet weather related sanitary sewer overflows and basement back-ups, the Village of Thiensville has completed investigation of 20 laterals along Madero Drive and Luisita Drive between Coronada Avenue and Riverview Drive. These investigations have shown that 19 of the laterals have deficiencies that allow clear water to enter the sanitary sewer system during wet weather events. The Village plans to rehabilitate these 19 laterals utilizing lining and relay methods to seal up the sanitary sewer and keep the clear water out of the system.

In addition to the sanitary sewer deficiencies, the Village will be improving the storm water flow through the area as well. The Village plans to install shallow ditches with underdrains and extend storm sewer laterals to the side yard of each resident along the entire stretch of Madero Drive. This area has experienced overland flooding that gets into basements through window wells, thus inundating the sanitary sewer via floor drains.

The sanitary sewer lateral rehabilitation work will take place concurrently with the storm sewer work and is scheduled to start in December 2016 and be completed in the Spring of 2017.

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