Basement Connection

In 2012 the City of Wauwatosa began a Lateral Grouting program to address clear water inflow to the sanitary sewer system from private laterals.
The program was focused in Eastown Tosa in the area.
Click here to see a map of the project area.
The lateral grouting process involves sealing the joints in a portion of the homeowners lateral near it’s connection to the City’s sanitary sewer main.
The following video gives an animated example of the process.
Follow up flow monitoring in the areas grouted has shown a reduction in clear water entering the sanitary sewer. The City, in partnership with MMSD will continue to monitor sewers to quantify the effectiveness of the grouting. The City intends on expanding the grouting to other areas due to it’s effectiveness.
If you have any further questions about this program, please contact Maggie Anderson, Senior Civil Engineer at 414-479-3444 or

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